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Produce Safety: Understanding Produce PLU’s


Ever look at those sticky, hard-to-peel-off PLU stickers on fruits and vegetables and think to yourself, “I wish they would just leave those bothersome things off my produce!” Well if you would take the time to learn why they are on your produce you might just not mind peeling them off!

Here are some resources for you to take a look at and actually do some in depth study on those “bothersome stickers”.

If you simply want to know how and why the “PLU” was developed:

If you want to look up a specific PLU:

If you want to search for a PLU by category:

If you want to browse through ALL PLU’s currently in the International system:

For new and recently added PLU codes:

International Federation for Product Standards:

No matter what you are looking to find these links will help you determine what kind of produce you want to purchase, or have just brought home from your local grocer!

Have fun! Stay healthy!

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