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Earthy Trail Mix

Try to purchase all organic ingredients and sprout all seeds and legumes ahead of time. Soak nuts ahead of time. Dehydrate after sprouting and soaking at 115 degrees, no higher to ensure that the original digestive enzymes, fatty acids and vitamins are retained.

1 cup RAW, unpasteurized organic Almonds –soak overnight then rinse in food grade hydrogen peroxide, rinse in water, then dehydrate.

½ cup Macadamia nuts- these are not usually raw even if they say they are so soaking doesn’t do any good.

2 cups organic diced dehydrated Mango

1 cup organic sliced dehydrated organic Bananas

1 cup organic diced dehydrated Papaya

1 cup organic dehydrated Goji berries

1 cup organic dehydrated Mulberries

½ cup organic diced dehydrated Figs

½ cup unsweetened organic Coconut (large or small shred)

1 cup sprouted organic Sunflower seeds

¼ cup sprouted organic Mustard seeds

¼ cup sprouted organic Radish Seeds

2 Tblsp organic Anise Seed

1 Tblsp organic Fennel Seed

2 Tsp organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

1 Tsp organic Turmeric powder

1 Tsp organic Milk Thistle powder

½ Tsp organic Flax Seed oil

¼ Tsp organic Hemp Seed oil

Remember that with dietary Omega 3 oils you should refrigerate this so the Omegas do not go rancid!

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