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Really RAW™ Summer Trail Mix

Summer calls for a special trail mix for our exotic birds; a mix that uses the goodies Nature is providing naturally.

In this mix I’ve taken some really good and nutritious items, sprouted some of them, dehydrated them at 115 degrees F or less and then mixed them with Summer fruits, topped them off with a Summer herb and voila! A yummy, light mix for our birds to munch their beaks on!

Here’s the recipe; feel free to double or triple it if you have a large flock. Keep in mind this recipe is not for feather destroyers due to the histamines and salicylates in many of the ingredients. Those naturally occurring constituents will trigger your feather destroyer into more self-destruction.

Summer Trail Mix:

(Please use all-organic ingredients when possible.)

*Peas (sprouted):1/8th cup

*Basil Seed (sprouted & dehydrated): 1/8th cup

*Fennel Seed: 1/8th cup

*Red Bell Pepper Flakes: ½ cup

*Tomatoes (Dried and diced): 1 Tblsp.

*Lemon Balm: 1 Tblsp.

*Apricots (Dried and diced): ¼ cup

*Mulberries (Dried): 1/3 cup

*Sunflower Seed (sprouted & dehydrated): ¼ cup

*Pumpkin Seed: ¼ cup

Might be fun to add other summer goodies:

Okra (dehydrated)

Cucumber (dehydrate)

Mushrooms (Crimini; dehydrated)-Don’t use fresh mushrooms; always dehydrate to inactivate the “hydrazines”.

**This recipe has not been tested for a guaranteed analysis; it is not intended to be a daily diet and is only intended as a treat, not to support the daily recommended daily nutritional profile for your bird.

©2015 Machelle Pacion Passion Tree House LLC All Rights Reserved

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