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May Flowers: (Or Anytime of the Year for That Matter!)

May is a great time to seek out organic edible flowers to mix in with our Really RAW™ mixes we may be doing for our birds! Flowers are not only a good source of nutrients they are fun and colorful!

Whether you grow them yourselves in organic potting soil, or you find a local organic grower or find an online organic edible flower source edible flowers are a great addition to your bird’s diet!

Flowers are packed with beta-carotenes, anthocyanins, anti-carcinogens and other great disease-fighting agents. If our birds were living free in the wild they would be partaking of these wonderful delicacies so why not try to offer them these colorful flowers in our homes?

Just in case you’re wondering if there has been in depth research regarding nutrition of edible flowers…yes, there has been!

Here is link that provides a list of edible flowers. Please ignore the part about botanically classified vegetable flowers like broccoli and cauliflower, etc. –These contain high amounts of cellulose fiber our birds should not consume, but other flowers contain hemicellulose and pectin fiber which is very good for our birds’ digestive tracts.

Here is an online source for organic, non-GMO flower seeds:

Here is an online source for edible flowers. As far as I can tell “Fresh Origins” grow their flowers without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, but they are not certified organic. Kind of like our foods, lol, wink.

Let’s all go out this weekend and see what we can find in the way of beautiful, colorful flowers for our birds’ enjoyment!
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