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Sprouting Basics 2: Why I Use Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide – NOT ACV or GSE

The common belief is to use ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) or GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) to rinse sprouts during the sprouting process and as the final rinsing agent to ensure there is no harmful bacteria left on the sprouts after sprouting. While both agents may be efficient in making sure the harmful bacteria is removed both agents pose a problem to feather destroying birds.

ACV is a fermented product containing both histamines and naturally occurring salicylates. In my clinical studies and research I have found histamines and salicylates to be triggers to feather destroying birds. I no longer use ACV as a dietary additive to their water, food or as a cleaning agent. Even the scent of ACV or any vinegar for that matter will immediately set off a feather destroying bird with a compromised auto-immune system into a frenzy of itching, picking and plucking.

GSE is high in salicylates due to the fact it is derived from grapefruit. Again, my clinical studies and research has indicated that salicylates trigger feather destroying birds. Any residue left on sprouts will cause itching, picking and plucking. GSE added to drinking water will do the same.

My solution to ensuring sprouts are bacteria-free? Food grade 3% hydrogen peroxide. It is purchased as 35% hydrogen peroxide and then it MUST be diluted to 3% by adding 1/8th cup of the 35% solution to 1 gallon of filtered water. While it is expensive to purchase a little goes a long, long way at the ratio of dilution. It is easy to rinse off and it literally evaporates when exposed to oxygen if any residue is left behind. I simply rinse my sprouts during the sprouting process with the 3% solution and then a final rinse after sprouting. Finally after that rinse I rinse two more times in clear, filtered water. Now my sprouts are ready to feed or dehydrate at low temperatures at or below 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

The reason I use FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide is due to the fact that industrial grade (the common variety we find in grocery stores and drug stores) contains heavy metals that have not been filtered out. If we were to use this formulation on our birds’ sprouts we would contaminate the sprouts with heavy metals and other possible contamination our birds just do not need in their systems. (Rev. 9.5.15)
You can purchase food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide here:

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