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The Best Bird Toys® | Natural

Our foods have always been our TOP priority!
And while many of our customers know that our all-natural toys are the bomb, we are unable to produce them at this time. We hope to add these back to our products in the future. 




"BirD-elicious! Origins Wild Toys™ The Best Bird Toys®" is a legally registered trademarked name. We have been in the business of making safe, all-natural toys since 2003, becoming official in 2011. We are not associated with any other company that may be casually using our trademarked name. This is the only site you can be sure you are purchasing our toys!

Just as we are warned on the nightly news about which toys are, and are not, safe for children, we need someone educating us about bird toys as well. Yes, there are many toys on the market that birds absolutely should not have in their environment. If you have already purchased that “oh-so-much-desired bird toy” and you learn after this post it isn’t all that safe, then return it as soon as you finish reading! It just doesn’t matter how much “Polly” in the picture is seen loving her new toy…if it isn’t safe, it isn’t worth the money you pay for it!


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