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Infused Reflections Tizane™ (Teas)

 Hand-blended for the freshest batch of Tizane you can prepare for your feathered friend!... But parrots don't really drink "teas" in their "biotic" wild communities, or do they?

We set out to research this a little deeper.
Do parrots and other birds in the wild have access to "liquid infusions" in the wild?
If so what does science call these herbal infusions?
We thought these questions needed to be addressed so we did our research.

As it turns out yes, it is common practice for parrots and other wild birds to consume water that has "pooled" in phytotelmas - small, water-filled cavities, or "watering holes" in trees or any similar environments such as the axil of a bromeliad. When fallen herbs, flower petals, bits of bark, and fruit pieces soak in these pooled watering holes they are called "Tisanes" (pronounced "tizahns"), a French word for "herbal infusions."

All of our herbal blends come packaged in resealable FDA food-approved light and oxygen-protected packaging. We want your herbal blends to arrive as fresh and flavorful as possible!

By law, we are NOT required to provide the GA (guaranteed analysis) because we do not make any claims regarding "total and complete diet" or how any of our items can, or will improve the health of your bird(s). Those foods that do indicate the GA are only voluntary for the convenience of our customers.

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