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Bird Seed & Mixes to Sprout Yourself

Sprouting mixes developed and formulated by Origins Wild Diet foods is a simple and easy way to enrich your bird's diet!

Sprout until the seeds, grains, and legumes barely show a tail for the most amount of nutrition. This is when the digestive enzyme "amylase" is at its highest content. Amylase is the digestive enzyme necessary for the breakdown of starches. Since birds do not produce amylase in their mouths (beaks), it is very important that seeds, legumes, and grains are sprouted correctly.   

One of the most economical and fun ways to introduce "tender greens" into your bird's healthy, raw, organic diet! 

By law, we are NOT required to provide the GA (guaranteed analysis) because we do not make any claims regarding "total and complete diet" or how any of our items can, or will improve the health of your bird(s). Those foods that do indicate the GA is only voluntary for the convenience of our customers.

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