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Freeze Dried CHOP Veggie & Fruit Mixes

2 reviews

We use metal-free, BPA-free, FDA-approved, lock & seal,

microwave & dishwasher-safe, reusable packaging!

Our freeze-dried products always arrive fresh and crisp!


These freeze-dried mixes include a variety of organic culinary vegetables and/or fruits. If any item is out of stock, it's most likely due to seasonal availability.

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  • Really RAW freeze-dried mixes are great to feed dry or moist.
  • Really RAW freeze-dried mixes are great to combine for a more complete daily diet. 
  • Freeze-drying is very similar to Gentle Dehydration. Both freeze-drying and gentle dehydration protect and retain up to 97% of the original nutrients. 

Our mixes will include those organic veggies & fruits that are seasonally available.

*These mixes are not to be considered a total and complete diet when served alone.