BirD-elicious! Origins Wild Diet® - Avian Whole Raw Food Nutrition! - Really RAW for Birds!®
The original Un-Pellet bird food!®
"We've been feeding raw before feeding raw was cool!"
The freshest packaged exotic bird food on the market bar none.

"We make your bird's food as close to fresh as possible so you don't have to."

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Harold R.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Great food for my Illiger’s macaw

I’ve been feeding my macaw this food for three years now, and he loves it!

Johanna W.
United States United States
I recommend this product
My Blue Fronted Amazon and Slender-billed Conure love this nutritious blend.

Unlike other foods, very little ends up on the floor - they eat all that they can, and enjoy foraging through the variety of interesting, delicious smelling foods.

A The Best Bird Food Origins Wild Diet® Customer
Vicki M.
United States United States
I feel good about feeding all your products.

My 20 yr old GCC isn't super in love with this but he will eat if I break it up. But he is healthy and that is what matters most.

Anne C.
United States United States
Both the Macaw and African Grey Diets are Excellent!!

Everything about this food (I use both African Grey and Macaw) is exceptional. It is always so fresh and so natural — even the packaging is Earth-friendly. In addition, they always include extras like toys, chewy things, or special food treats. Meticulous attention to detail through the entire process makes this food many levels above pet store products. And my birds love it!

The Best Bird Food Origins Wild Diet®

Such a wonderful review! Thank you! So happy your flock is doing well on our foods! :-)

Tammi V.
United States United States
My macaws and I love this food

I have 2 rescue macaws one was very ill. He now has healthy dropping and is doing fantastic thanks to your help and healthy food. We have been with you nearly 3 years. Thanks for all you do.

Tammi V.
United States United States
I love this food and so do my birds

We have served this dry, wet, mixes with eggs even.. birds are fussy but the all like it and prefer it now. We have, what was, a very sick bird. He puked up everything. His stool smelled horrible and was mush. He had several owners in a couple of years. This Macaw food have saved him. His **** looks great, no smell and he is a much happier bird. You ate what you eat has a whole new meaning for me.