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NO COOK: Healthy Thanksgiving Vittles™

Have you been so busy you forgot to make a special dinner for your flock? Here are fast Parrot Vittles™ you can make for your flock with items you probably already have on hand! Colorful, fun, tasty and festive your flock will LOVE their very own Thanksgiving Parrot Vittles™!

Just toss these items together quickly for your flock!

  • Fresh, organic cranberries – raw
  • Shredded, organic coconut – unsweetened
  • Organic walnuts
  • Organic Mandarin or Blood Red Orange slices – use in limited amount
  • Dash of organic Rosemary leaves
  • Dash of organic Oregano leaves
  • Dash of organic Ceylon Cinnamon powder or chips
  • Dash of organic Ginger
  • Slight dash of ground, organic Cloves

Amount of each ingredient: according to what you have already available so you don’t have to make that quick trip to the store!

If you have on hand, or can make the time to visit your organic grocer you might like to add:

  • Fresh, Organic parsley
  • Fresh, Organic Cilantro
    -as the “bed” your Thanksgiving Bird Vittles™ rests upon!

Toss all fresh, washed, organic ingredients together.

Mix in walnuts and coconut.

Sprinkle herbs and spices on top!

If you prefer, drizzle organic Maple Syrup over the top in a very limited amount. Maple Syrup is easy for the endocrine system to metabolize.

Happy Thanksgiving to all feathered family members!

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