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Raspberry Slurry

Here's a quick and fun treat to cool your feathered friend(s) during the summer heat! 

First I started with my stainless steel mortar and pestle bowl. If you don't have one, you would love it!  My bowl holds about 16 ounces of food. But they come in smaller and larger sizes. Dishwasher and bird-safe.



  • Organic Raspberries: About 20
  • Organic Fresh Dill: About 2 Sprigs

Smash these in the mortar and pestle lightly.Then add and stir in:

  • Organic, pre-sprouted Tri-Color Quinoa: 2 Tsp.
  • Organic Red Bell Pepper: 1 Tsp.
  • Organic Cashew Pieces: 2 Tsp (may use your bird's favorite nut)

Fill the pod, stuff a mini loofah slice, fill the 2" vine ball, roll the mini vine balls in the mix coating well, use a rice paper (found in the cultural isle at the grocery store), moisten for 5 seconds, place a dollop of the raspberry slurry in the middle and roll up. Cut off the ends. Then take all of the items and freeze for 30 minutes and serve. These make fun, colorful foraging footie toys that are very nutritious!

Our flock loves these! -Raspberries are packed with plant protein, Calcium, Folate, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Magnesium, Potassium and Phosphorous and they are relatively high in Omega 3s!

Or, you can simply serve in a treat bowl!

From upper left to right and down: Raspberry Slurry wrapped in rice paper, 2" vine ball stuffed with Raspberry Slurry, mini Loofah Slice stuffed with Raspberry Slurry topped with organic raw almond, natural pod stuffed with Raspberry Slurry and mini vine balls rolled in Raspberry Slurry. I opted to freeze all before serving, but that isn't necessary. - The extra footie toys from upper to lower are a Wood Slice, long Coco Whirls, Banana Leaf Rolls, Cane Springs and Mahogany Spoons.


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