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Savory Blueberry Fig Compote

Savory Blueberry Fig Compote is a wonderfully filling treat to energize, yet satisfy your feathered friend before a nice afternoon siesta!


  • Organic Blueberries: 6 oz - Puree in Ninja or Nutri-Bullet
  • Organic Figs: Dehydrated or Freeze-dried (rehydrated) 2 Tblsp - Puree in Ninja or Nutri-Bullet (the rehydration rate for fruit is on average is about 12 parts water to one part fruit)
  • Organic Basil: 1 Tblsp - Finely Diced
  • Organic Sesame Seed: 1 Tblsp - Sprouted
  • Organic Walnuts (not black): 2 Tblsp - Coarse Grind (Reserve half and sprinkle over the top)
  • Organic Ginger Powder: 1 Tsp
  • Organic Brown Basmati Rice - Pre-Sprouted: about 2 cups


  • Fresh Organic Ginger grated over the top.
  • Fresh Organic Lemon Zest over the top.

Combine all of the main ingredients for a saucy, savory jam-like compote you can dollop over an 8 to 10 oz bed of sprouted brown basmati rice! ( I never cook foods for my birds – always serve raw, sprouted or soaked)

I have found it’s always a good idea to have several seeds and grains pre-sprouted, and on hand, so they are available for recipes such as this. I sprout normally and then dehydrate at 110 degrees or slightly lower for about 24 hours.

This recipe makes enough for several birds. Or you can store in your refrigerator for up to 3 days. Alternately you can spread on parchment paper and dehydrate at 110 degrees or less for 24 to 36 hours. Break into pieces and serve as “fruit leathers.”

Blueberries provide anthocyanins and polyphenols which are effective antioxidants. Figs are rich in minerals, and vitamins A, E and K. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory, digestive aid and may lower chronic high blood glucose levels. Brown rice is known for its resistant starch properties which supply beneficial bacteria in moderate consumption. The walnuts, basil and the sesame seed contain reliable levels of magnesium to help calm and soothe for total relaxation for that siesta! ;-)

©7/21/2018 Machelle Pacion – All Rights Reserved

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